How to More Effectively Manage Your Fleet of Vehicles

Manage a fleet of company vehicles is no small task.  There are a number of factors to consider, from the health of the vehicles to cost savings to driver impacts on the vehicles.  It’s a complex job, but there are ways that can help make managing your fleet easier.  Here are some steps you can take to more effectively manage your company’s vehicles.

  • Keep detailed records. This is probably the single most important thing you can do when managing vehicles.  Keeping good, detailed records ensures that you have the information you need about each vehicle, as well as each driver.  Note who is driving which vehicle and when.  Track all repair and maintenance work for each vehicle, being sure to include specifics such as date of service and what work was performed.
  • Back up those records. You should also store these records both physically and digitally.  Having a paper copy is always a good idea since it serves as physical proof, but you need to back this up with an electronic copy as well.  This can be in the form of .pdf scans of particular items or the use of spreadsheets or word processing software.
  • Set service reminders for yourself. Forgetting to have your vehicle serviced for regular maintenance can spell disaster for that truck or car. Don’t let this happen; program reminders in your calendar or smartphone to alert you when a particular vehicle is due for maintenance.
  • Equip the vehicles with GPS and a logbook. With these in place, you’ll know where the vehicles have been and who has been driving them.

Maintain open communication with drivers. Your drivers can provide key insight into the performance of your vehicles since they are the ones using them.  Make sure they know problem signs to watch for as well as ways they can help extend the life of vehicles (i.e., reducing their speed, planning efficient routes, etc.)

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