6 Questions you Should Ask your Truck Repair Shop

Searching for a new repair shop for your truck or trailer is not something most people would describe as fun.  There’s a lot to consider – cost, experience, specialization, and more. Before settling on a particular shop, be sure to ask these six important questions.

  1. Are the mechanics certified?

Certified mechanics have received specialized training in particular areas of car repair and maintenance.  Not only is this better for your vehicle, it also shows that the shop itself values a job well done because they will only hire mechanics that have completed rigorous training.

  1. Do they belong to any organizations or associations?

Finding a service shop that belongs to associations such as AAA or NAPA Autocare is always a good thing to do.  These organizations require their members to meet certain criteria in terms of performance and customer satisfaction, so you know that a shop in good standing with an association has met these standards.

  1. Can they provide references?

It never hurts to ask for references as well.  Getting a review from another person who has used the shop can help you make a more informed decision.  Likewise, you can also search for reviews online to see what others are saying.

  1. Do they offer warranties?

Some service shops offer warranties on their work. Be sure to ask what is covered and for how long before you have any repairs done. If a problem arises down the road and you think it might be associated with the repair work you had done, it might be covered so you’re not out more money.

  1. What are their specializations?

While many shops provide general services on a variety of vehicle types, some are also specialized in certain areas, such as foreign vehicles.  If you feel you need specialized services for your vehicle, ask if there are any mechanics in the shop that can do the work.

  1. What is their hourly rate?

Cost is often a huge factor in choosing a shop, so be sure to ask about it.  If you’ve already done some comparison shopping, you may find two shops that offer similar services, but one charges less per hour for labor.

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