Choosing the Right Tool Box for Your Truck

A good tool box is a critical feature for many trucks, and particularly those used for commercial purposes.  Finding just the right one can be a challenge, however, especially with so many different styles on the market.  Use the information below to help narrow down the choices and find the toolbox that works best for you and your vehicle.

Basic Features

There are several basic features that a quality toolbox will have, and you’ll want to make sure these are included with yours.  They are:

  • Domed lid – Low-profile, domed lids won’t obscure your vision while driving, so this is an important safety feature to have.
  • Weather protection – Your tools need to be kept dry and free of dirt or other debris, so make sure the toolbox has protective weather seal to keep your stuff safe from the elements.
  • Fully welded – Look for a toolbox that has been fully welded on the box and lid, which will make it stronger and keep your tools more secure.
  • Adequate capacity – Obviously, the toolbox needs to be big enough to hold everything, so make sure the box has enough space to hold everything and possibly more.


There are also a few different styles of toolboxes available.  They are:

  • Single lid cross boxes – these types of toolboxes are very common. They consist of a box that extends the width of the truck bed, with a single lid. This setup allows you full access to the entire box, which is something that many people like.
  • Double lid cross boxes – these are extremely similar in design to single lid cross boxes, but they come with two lids instead of one, providing some separation between the tools.
  • Underbody boxes – these toolboxes sit under the truck bed, freeing up valuable bed space and ensuring clear range of vision.

Choosing the right toolbox comes down to four main factors: size, style, cost, and what will work with your vehicle.  Consider these along with the information above to choose the toolbox that works best for you.

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