Is there a way to Reduce Tire Cost?

Outfitting vehicles with tires can cost an arm and a leg if they’ve been neglected. If safety, efficiency, and cost savings are of high concern however, it is imperative to work with an outfitter that offers rotations, alignments, and balancing. These precautions not only guarantee maximum performance, they greatly reduce the frequency of having to buy new tires.

Buying new tires should be a smart, forward thinking move instead of last minute necessity. J&M Trailer and Truck Repair knows all about the frustrations of keeping a fleet moving, so they strive to keep you worry free. By competitively pricing their tires, you can be sure of getting the best price along with all of the necessary services to keep tires running longer.

Employees at J&M are Tire Industry Association certified, providing customers the standard in tire services. Furthermore, utilizing their specials provides free alignment with the purchase of 8 new trailer or drive tires. Even if the truck or trailer has had no incidents, tire alignment can still become off and be the worst enemy of tire longevity. They also offer balancing with the purchase of new steer tires, something crucial for maintaining tires and safe steering. These free services help new tires stay fresh, but it is also important to continue maintenance after they have been purchased.

One of the easiest ways to take care of tires is to rotate them at the correct mileage recommendations. This ensures that all tires wear out at the same time so that upon buying a new set, you once again get free alignments and balancing. Tires are not something that can be set and forget, but it is well worth the attention. Providing contact with the road, tires are one of the most important aspects in keeping a transport company running well.

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