Increasing Fuel Efficiency and Truck Life

It may seem easier to fill up more frequently than to upgrade fuel efficiency, but this treats only the symptoms and not the cause. By increasing fuel efficiency, you are actually saving money on fuel, repairs, and increasing the life of trucks and trailers. It is important to look at all the things leading to increased fuel efficiency in order to see how widespread these upgrades actually are.

A main factor for increasing fuel efficiency is to ensure that tires are well maintained and aligned. This decreases the amount of friction between vehicle and road by making the tires roll longer and smoother. As tires roll smoother, there is less strain on the body of the truck and trailer. This helps with fuel efficiency because the engine works less in order to maintain speed.

Another way to produce the smoothest rolling rig is to keep wheel bearings in perfect running order. Working with a repair shop to go through the process of complete bearing overhaul is well worth it. Unpacking and degreasing bearing casings ensures that parts can be examined thoroughly and replaced if need be. With perfectly smooth and well-greased bearings, a wheel will roll much longer and smoother.

Maintaining the rolling power of a vehicle is the easiest and best way to increase fuel efficiency. This is twofold however, since the upkeep will ensure that wheels, rims, hubs, and axels need to be replaced much less frequently. Once you have the alignment, balance, and bearing friction working with precision, purchasing high-standard tires can save tons of money on fuel and longevity

New technologies allow for top-end tires to run longer, operate at cooler temperatures, and save fuel. To get these maximum savings, it is imperative to work with a company that will supply both the best tires and thorough maintenance.

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