Emergencies shouldn’t be Preventable

J&M Trailer and Truck Repair offers 24/7 emergency services for anything ranging from flat tires to electrical problems to anything in between, but this shouldn’t be the preferred method for servicing a rig. On-road emergencies cost precious delivery time and are extremely inconvenient. These types of breakdowns happen, but many detrimental accidents that can be easily avoided.

Keeping truck and trailer bearings in good shape can prevent some of the worst accidents. Neglected bearings can lead to wheel seizures or even broken axles in which the wheel falls off. Some of the worst types of accidents such as flipped, detached, or jack-knifed trailers can happen because of these bearing seizures. This problem can be just as bad if it happens to one of the steering tires, causing loss of control and a recipe for disaster. Allowing bearings and casings to fall into disrepair is irresponsible for yourself, your customers, and other people on the roads.

Even if your bearings are running smoothly, it is still crucial to have them checked for proper and effective greasing. If the grease is getting old, it can drip onto brake pads and greatly decrease stopping power, a severe problem for safe transport. Keeping truck and trailer bearings serviced is paramount for safety, fuel efficiency, and equipment life. Because this small aspect of maintenance is so important, it pays to find a shop with the most complete bearing overhaul.

J&M Trailer and Truck Repair understand the significance of well-kept bearings. Their service includes completely unpacking and degreasing bearings in order to fully inspect components, the only way to clearly inspect the state of things. After everything is inspected and possibly replaced, it is greased and repacked correctly to assure quality and longevity. Thorough cleanings, correct parts, and up-to-date technology prove J&M to be stellar proponents of safety and efficiency.

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