3 Reasons To Keep Up with Oil Changes

Keeping fresh oil is the most important thing a truck driver and/or owner can do to get the longest possible lifespan out of their motor. On the other hand, not keeping up with them will cause a ton of problems that will cost you tenfold in the future. It’s the blood that runs through the motor, and it couldn’t be more important to get a quality commercial truck repair service that will do an all-inclusive oil change as you need it, allowing you to save money, time, and headaches. Below are the top three reasons why it’s completely necessary to keep up with oil changes.

Reason #1 – Clean and Lubricate Contaminated Parts
After so many thousands of miles, there are many factors that can contribute to contamination that will negatively affect the performance of your truck engine. The oil itself becomes contaminated due to dirt and dust collected on the road that undoubtedly makes its way into places it shouldn’t be. Weather, geographical location, and other factors can play a role in just how contaminated the oil gets and how quickly. Oil that is polluted is almost as bad as having no oil at all – the engine won’t function correctly.

Reason #2 – Dirty Filters
The point of an oil filter is to do exactly that – filter the oil so dirty particles don’t make their way into the motor. After so much time, without replacing the filter, they will find their way into the motor, thus polluting your oil and causing huge problems.

Reason #3 – Longer Life Span
Nobody wants to go to a truck repair facility often. In fact, it’s the most hated aspect of being a driver or owner. The costs are often outrageous, and they always seem to take forever. Time is money, so mechanical problems cause double the headache. Frequently changing your oil (different manufacturers have different recommendations as to how often) will mean less engine problems, more time on the road, and more money in your pocket.

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