5 Ways Skipping an Oil Change can Hurt Your Truck

Regular maintenance is just part of the deal when you own a truck. This includes refilling fluids, battery inspections, belt checks and more. One of the most common maintenance practices vehicle owners must perform is the oil change. While there is some disagreement about how often this needs to occur, the one thing every manufacturer CAN agree on is that skipping oil changes can cause serious damage to your truck.

  1. Oil sludge build up. Oil sludge is the result of oil solidifying due to extreme temperatures. When sludge builds up, it can cause clogs and internal combustion problems that may ultimately require you to replace the engine or engine parts.
  2. Reduced viscosity and increased dirtiness. As oil ages, it loses its viscosity and becomes thinner and runnier. It also gets dirty over time. Runny, dirty oil can’t properly lubricate and cool the engine parts, so there is an increased risk for engine damage or even total failure.
  3. Engine parts heat up. When you’re overdue for an oil change, your engine may get hotter than it should. This can cause all sorts of problems, from reduced efficiency to warping of parts to complete engine shut down.
  4. Not enough oil in the engine. When your oil isn’t replaced and replenished regularly, you run the risk of creating dangerously low oil levels. If this happens, your engine won’t be properly cooled or lubricated, which can result in major engine problems.
  5. Oil leaks. Speaking of low oil, another cause of this is leaking components within the engine. With all the tubes and filters and ducts and other parts, a leak can spring up anywhere, but if you’re skipping oil changes, these leaks are far less likely to be spotted. When they go unnoticed for prolonged periods of time, you will experience low oil levels and potential engine damage.

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