3 Reasons to Park Your Truck/Trailer in a Secure Spot

Big rigs have to be well taken care of, and that doesn’t just mean mechanical repairs and maintenance. The importance of parking your truck and trailer in a secure, reliable location cannot be overstated. From thefts to vandalism and even accidental damages, there is a direct correlation of where you park your semi truck and what type of problems you encounter throughout the year with it. While changing the oil and keeping the cab clean are surely important things you can do, having a safe location to park (whether you’re inside the cab or away from the truck) are equally as essential.

  • Protect Against Theft
    • Theft is a major concern among truck drivers and is a common topic when discussing areas of improvement. Not only are personal items inside a cab frequently targeted, but any of the many valuable components of your truck. Tires, rims, trailers, LED lights, mud flaps, and parts under the hood can be easily stolen and resold, making them popular targets for burglars, as well as the truck itself (starting a semi without the right key is actually easy). Park your truck in a secure spot to ensure the people who will be around it, whether you’re in it or not, can be trusted.
  • Reliability
    • Keeping your truck secure will help you in every facet of the job. Others around will know you and your schedule, thus knowing when to expect you and not bother you when you may be off-duty or sleeping. If you lease or rent your truck, the company providing it will be thankful for having a reliable driver.
  • Insurance
    • Insurance companies will always ask where you keep your truck parked on a daily basis, when you’re not driving, as well as where you store it when you go home, go on vacation etc… Your answer will have an actual effect on the cost of your insurance; if you park it in the middle of the street by a residential neighborhood, you can expect your price to go up. On the other hand, if it’s stored in your company’s gated/secure facility, you can be assured it will be seen as a plus.

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