4 BMPs for Trailer Maintenance

You can never take too much care of your trailer. After all, you can have the best truck in the industry and still have many problems if you don’t maintain it properly. There are four main practices you can memorize and perfect that will ensure your trailer is always ready to go.

  1. Suspension

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to keep a close eye on the suspension system for your truck and trailer. That’s exactly why it’s number one on this list. Check the springs for any unusual damage – and do it at least once a month. It is a guarantee that any damage you see now will only get worse and help damage other parts.

  1. Lights

Malfunctioning lights on your trailer are a headache. It can be a result from bad wiring, weather, fuses, or just dead bulbs. Not only will it cause you to get a hefty ticket, but also it can be rather dangerous.

  1. Tires

The tires on your trailer as just as important as the ones on your truck – if not more important. That’s because you have less control of the tires on the rear, and when they blowout, go flat, or malfunction, it can be much harder to maneuver. The best maintenance practice you can do on tires is constantly checking the air pressure. It only takes seconds to do, and making sure it is at the correct level will ensure that the tires last as long as possible, saving you money in the process.

  1. Inside Inspections

Not only is it important to make sure the exterior is good, but the interior of your trailer is just as important. Leaks are unfortunately a common problem with older model trailers, and it leads to hazardous conditions for the cargo, thanks to the exposure to moisture and harmful weather conditions.

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