Are You Properly Storing your Boat Trailer for Winter?

Winter can be tough on anything mechanical. That’s why boats, cars, and trucks all have different mechanisms to deal with extremely cold temperatures. Boat trailers are just as important as the boat itself; if it’s not working properly, you’ll never make it to the water and you risk damaging the boat as well. It’s important to make sure that you properly maintain and store your boat trailer during the winter.

How can you do that? Follow these tips!

  • Find Some Cover!
    A garage is the best as they are the safest and securest locations. Some people build a small shelter specifically for their boat and boat trailers, and that works as well. Most just use a boat cover. Either way, make sure it isn’t completely exposed to mother nature as the metal will rust, tires will rot, and the overall condition will quickly deteriorate.
  • Keep It Away From Water!
    Even if you store it inside, ensure that water can’t leak through a roof or any other location. Keep the boat trailer at an angled position so any water that does get in can quickly get out. If you keep it outside with a boat cover, as millions of people do, ensure that no part of the trailer is accumulating water. That means you will periodically have to remove the cover.
  • Use Lubricants
    There are specific lubricants that work wonders on metal boat trailers. They will guarantee that no rust or corrosion will damage the assembly or any parts associated with it.

If your trailer is having any issues, bring it to J&M Truck and Trailer Repair where trailer experts will be able to quickly diagnose and repair them. Regardless of how severe the damage is, there are many different options out there to get it back in tip-top condition.


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