Oil Change Special

Getting frequent oil changes is one of the most basic steps you can take to ensure your engine lasts as long as possible. It also minimizes the risk of other repairs, saving you money now and in the future. Yet many mechanic shops charge upwards of $500 for a basic oil change! At J&M Truck and Trailer Repair, we offer an oil change special that will take care of any oil problems and save you a bunch of money in the process.

Oil: We only use high-quality oil that your truck engine will love. Our oil change special includes up to 11 quarts of motor oil.We will make sure we follow all factory specifications regarding oil type and amount in order to achieve optimal performance from your truck.

Oil Filter: The oil filter is just as important to change as the oil, as an old filter will generate dirty particles that cause extensive damage inside your motor. A new oil filter is included in our special.

Fuel Filter: The fuel filter is also extremely important as it protects many of those same harmful particles from entering your fuel supply. That contaminated fuel will then make its way into the engine, affecting performance and causing long-term damage. In addition, if left unchanged, it can affect your fuel tank, adding more unnecessary and preventable repairs.

Lube Unit: The Lube Unit is there to make sure that all aspects of the oil pump are functioning as they are designed to function, and we will apply as much as needed to get your truck in tip-top condition.

Cost: The total cost for this oil change package is only $265.00, which is half what other truck repair facilities charge! You won’t find a better price anywhere, not to mention the fact that you are going to the most experienced and trusted mechanics in the area.

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