How Do You Find the Right Mechanic?

Whether you just have one truck to look after or you have several to meet the needs of your business, ensuring those trucks are well maintained is key. Sure, you could turn to just any mechanic to meet your needs, but finding one that will actually take good care of your trucks is essential. Not sure where to turn? Take a look at these tips to help you find the right mechanic to meet your needs.

Start With Other Drivers: While you can conduct online research to identify shops in your area, the single best thing you can do is talk to other drivers or owner-operators in the area who know the score. Find out which mechanics they’ve worked with in the past, and which ones they wouldn’t turn to again. Those anonymous reviews can be helpful to a degree, but at the end of the day, they’re just that – anonymous. It could be a fellow driver, it could be a disgruntled employee, or it could be something completely different. It’s hard to tell, so get your advice from those you truly trust.

Choose Someone who Specializes in Semis: Taking your trucks to the same mechanic who services your family car probably isn’t a good idea. You want someone who actually knows trucks as a whole, not just someone who happens to own a shop.

Think About Added Services: If the garage you choose offers added services like 24-hour roadside assistance, trailer repair, and other options, you may have a shop on your hands that can handle several things at one time, and that can be very helpful for an owner/operator.

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