Three Tire Maintenance Tips You Need Now

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While many drivers put quite a bit of thought into buying their tires, very few put any effort into maintaining them as well. Sure, they may occasionally check the air pressure, but few have developed a real routine that will help protect their tires well into the future. These tips can help you maintain your tires every day.

  • Pay Attention to Air Pressure: If you’re driving across the country on a regular basis, you’re passing through a variety of altitudes and climates routinely. The warmer it is, the higher your air pressure is. The cooler it is, the lower your air pressure might be. Given that air pressure is the single best way to kill your tires in a hurry, checking it on a daily basis will help you ensure you’re getting the durability you demand.
  • Consider Rotating Tires: You may do this routinely on the family car without another thought. It’s just as important to do it to your truck, too. If you never rotate your tires, you’ll have the same level of pressure and force applied again and again for the life of the tire. Rotation helps to ensure your tires wear more evenly. You should plan a tire rotation every 50,000 miles.
  • Buy Only Matching Tires: Sizes and brands actually matter when it comes to tires. Make certain you choose a matching set of tires or they will wear poorly, even if your truck is well aligned. Sometimes you may not have a choice in the matter if a blowout happens, but for the most part, you need to make sure you get matching tires back on your truck as soon as possible.

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