Lift Gate Troubleshooting Guide

You normally won’t have any problems with your liftgate, especially if you are using a high quality one. However, with heavy use, it is almost impossible to avoid at least some damage overtime. Even in the best-case scenario, it won’t function as well as it once did, but there is still hope to fixing it!

What To Do If The Liftgate Won’t Raise
Your liftgate runs off a motor and most issues can be traced back to some aspect of the motor. If you can hear the motor running, but you’re still getting nowhere, it is likely a battery issue. Using a booster is the quickest way to know if the battery is the culprit or not.

If you are getting no power at all, you are likely dealing with a broken switch and/or wire. This is where following the schematics is extremely important, though it can be difficult for the average person. This is also where J&M Truck and Trailer comes in handy, as we have liftgate experts on hand ready to fix yours in an instant!

What To Do If The Liftgate Makes A Squeaking Noise

Squeaking noises usually come from lack of lubrication or a pressure problem. There are some lubricating fluids and additives made specifically for liftgates that you can try. Just as with any lubricant, it’s important to go through a few progressions to get it in all areas of the liftgate in order to apply it thoroughly and see if it works.

If that doesn’t do the job, you will likely need to change a pressure valve as it is putting too much or too little pressure when it tries to lower, causing that annoying sound.

There are a couple other problems that can occur with your liftgate, such as it not raising or problems with the platform itself. These are much tougher to troubleshoot and make an expert that much more necessary.

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