How to Use Less Fuel

As a big rig driver, looking at fuel bills can be a hard reality to face. It’s no secret that big rigs consume a huge amount of fuel, and it is to any driver’s advantage to save the most fuel possible in order to earn more money and keep the environment greener. Here are some tips in saving fuel while driving a big rig.

One way to save fuel is to watch traffic as far ahead as possible to save time and money on gear shifts. Sudden changes in speed can use more fuel, while slower adjustments can save money and fuel. It should be easier for big rig drivers to do this due to the height differential between them and most other traffic on the road.

Another way to save fuel is by not excessively speeding. While going 5-10 over may be the norm in certain areas (or even higher in areas such as the Atlanta Freeway), speeding can take a toll on the engine, and police are more likely to target speeding vehicles that have a hard time slowing down, like big rigs. Additionally, some studies have indicated that fuel economy decreases above the optimal speed of approximately 65mph steadily. If you’re looking to save money on fuel and save money on tickets, this is the route for you!

Another way to save fuel is to take advantage of momentum when possible. This can be a tedious balance between safety and economy, but letting go of the pedal down hills and anticipating higher road elevations can be critical in saving money. Also, anticipating stops ahead allows you to use exhaust brakes instead of foot brakes, further consuming less fuel.

There are lots of ways to save money on fuel, and you’ve seen just a few of them here. They can vary by driving conditions, truck conditions, and lots of other factors, so try to be creative and experiment to find the best cost-benefit arrangement for your fuel consumption!

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