Is it worth it to get my old trailer repaired?

A question frequently asked by truck drivers is whether it’s worth it to continue to maintain a faltering tractor trailer. Typically, these questions stem from a safety concern. Most people who own and operate tractor trailers are hesitant to invest yet more into their trailer, and at the same time they don’t want to put all their money into a new trailer without using up the life of an old tractor trailer. Here are a few things to consider when you make this tough decision.

First, remember that an accident can not only cost money, but human lives, as well. Most tractor trailers are regularly driven on high speed roads, like highways and interstates, and an engine malfunction could quickly turn into a devastating accident that could have been easily avoided. While tractor trailers do indeed cost much more than a passenger car to repair, failure to repair major parts can cause much more damage than a passenger car can. At best, your business could be stifled because you suddenly do not have an operating vehicle.

Second, it’s important to think about how necessary the repair is. If your truck is rusting due to age and wear, it may be completely cosmetic (the rust only affects the paint job and nothing else). It could also be indicative of crucial parts of the trailer rusting away that could lead to disastrous results. Regardless, it’s always a great idea to have your truck inspected before you make any decisions about whether to make any repairs or not. While it is ultimately in your hands whether you choose to make the investment, the safety of others and yourself should always come first in any decision like this.

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