What’s the big deal about winterization?

Owning a tractor trailer can sometimes be a major hassle. It can seem like they constantly require tuning up and replacement parts, and it can be tempting to just put aside what seems like unnecessary annoyances. Unfortunately, many of these operations are crucial for the tractor trailer to not break down. While many truck drivers do understand this, it can be easy to gloss over the importance of things like this. Here, we will take a look at whether winterization is really necessary.

As most tractor trailer operators know, winterization is pretty much making sure your trailer can withstand harsh temperatures. This is especially pertinent in the Northern US and Canada. Winterization can simply mean an inspection of previously existing components to make sure they’ll be durable in the freezing cold. It can also mean upgrading parts of your trailer to give you the best chance of being able to drive safely and effectively no matter what nature has in store.

A winterization inspection can vary based on region, but at companies like J & M Trailer and Truck Repair, there is a coolant level and freeze protection component of the inspection. The DCA level is also determined. All belts are checked, since what might be a minor flaw could turn into a major one in seconds out in the cold. The engine fan is checked, and so are coolant leaks. All of these are factors that play into whether you will be able to do your job and stay safe. The cost for these inspections can vary, but they are offered at J & M as a package deal for a much lower cost than each component would cost individually.

It is up to the owner whether or not a winterization should be performed, and to what extent. Recommendations can vary by truck and region, but it’s always important to meet your trailer’s needs for success.

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