5 Tips Every Owner-Operator Needs

When you’re driving a truck that you own, maintenance is a must because it can help lower your total overhead. Owner-operators tend to work very differently than those who are driving for a company because they have to shell out the cash when something goes wrong. If you’re new to the world of driving a vehicle you own, these tips can help you keep your costs to a minimum.

  • Drive slowly and carefully. You’re not trying to make the most miles in a day anymore. Instead, you want to run at a pace that won’t stress your truck, so stay between 57 and 60 miles per hour and conserve your brakes as much as possible. Don’t skip those little costs like monthly oil changes either. It will pay off in the long run.
  • Know your equipment. You don’t have to do your own work as an owner-operator, but you should absolutely know your equipment. If you don’t know what a mechanic is talking about, you’re far more likely to get ripped off.
  • Get written estimates. Any time you take your truck in for a problem, make sure you get an estimate in writing. Ensure they know that absolutely no work will be authorized unless you’re informed of the cost in writing first.
  • Consider paying with plastic. If you have a dispute to settle down the road at a later date, you’re going to create an automatic paper trail if you pay with plastic, so make certain that you do so whenever you can.
  • Choose the right shop. With a good shop as your partner, you’re going to get a complete diagnosis and repair in one location, and that could mean better service for the long road ahead.

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