How Can You Be Sure You’ll Pass That Next Inspection?

Ensuring that your truck is ready for almost any inspection is an absolute must. How can you be sure you’re going to pass, though? Obviously the consequences of failing any inspection are extensive, so prepping today for any future inspection is an excellent idea. These tips can help you get ready.

  • Know What To Expect: You’re not going to be successful if you don’t know what’s coming. The CVSA offers a breakdown of the levels and what will be looked at during each level of inspection. The more you know, the more likely you are to pass.
  • Keep Things Clean: A bright, clean cab is the mark of a professional driver, and the messier the cab is, the more likely your inspector is to believe that you aren’t doing your job properly. Simply cleaning up the cab can be a good indicator that you perform preventative maintenance routinely and keep your logs up to date.
  • Keep Your Paperwork Updated: If you’re making an inspector wait on you because you can’t find the paperwork you need, you’re probably going to be more heavily scrutinized than a driver who has his ducks in a row. Easy inspections come when you’re at your most organized.
  • Stay Positive: The more negative you are during an inspection, the more likely you are to create some real trouble for yourself. Be friendly and courteous, and let them know you have a healthy respect for safety.

Inspections don’t have to be fearsome. In fact, they can really be easy as long as you’ve done what you’re supposed to and your truck is roadworthy. If you’re concerned about an issue your truck is currently experiencing, contact us today to learn more.

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