Does Cruise Control Actually Help Your Rig Save on Fuel?

There are as many tips on how to save fuel as there are routes you can take across the country, but one persistent one is that setting your cruise control will help you save cash on fuel costs. If you’re like many these days, saving a bit at the pump is very helpful, particularly for owner-operators. Is this one actually possible, though? Can something as simple as setting your cruise control while you’re on the road help cut those costs? Take a look.

The Longer The Trip

Short haul drivers may not get quite as much out of cruise control as long haul drivers do, but any time you set your cruise control at the highway speed you’re driving, you’re going to see an overall savings of about 7%, according to most studies. Wondering why? It’s simple really. When you drive without it, you have a tendency to speed up and slow down on a regular basis. Continuing movement at a steady speed uses less fuel. Add that to the fact that you’re protected from accidentally driving too quickly, and you have a winning choice.

Use It With Caution

That’s not to say that every situation calls for cruise control. For example, you may not want to use it in poor weather conditions, because running it on a slippery road just isn’t a good idea. If you’re in a heavy traffic pattern, too, the cruise control may not be useful to you.

Saving fuel is a must, and keeping your rig at the steadiest possible speed can help you do just that. To learn more about our fuel saving tips, feel free to browse our additional blog posts now.

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