Get Ready For Your Next Breakdown Now

One of the single best things you can do is prepare in advance for any kind of potential breakdown. Sooner or later, it will happen to you, and if you can handle things like a pro when it does, you’re more likely to come out of the situation with a sunnier outlook. These tips can help.

  • Pre-Trip Checklist: Your pre-trip checklist is probably already fairly full, but in addition to what’s on there now, you’re probably also going to want to map out the locations of repair facilities and safe stop points along your route. Sometimes you can limp your truck into a spot where you’ll find the help you need right away without having to be stuck on the shoulder of the road, and finding that before you breakdown can be seriously helpful.
  • Stay Safe: When it does actually happen to you, be as safe as possible. You’re going to be dealing with speeding traffic, sometimes on both sides of the highway, so remain alert. Be aware of the danger of traffic, set your flairs, and put your hood up if possible to help the other drivers slow down and pay attention to the potential for disaster.
  • Consider Keeping Supplies On Hand: You’d be surprised at how handy a few supplies can be when you’re out on the road. Simple choices like a full wrench set, vice grips, electrical tape, duct tape, zip ties, extra oil, a flashlight, and some assorted fuses are nothing short of ideal when you’re fighting a breakdown.

While breakdowns do happen, you can reduce the likelihood that you will experience one by following up with all of your checkups – both pre and post trip. Ensuring your truck undergoes routine maintenance tasks can help quite a bit too. To learn more about the routine maintenance needed for your truck, contact us today.

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