Attracting Millenials to the Trucking Industry

There is no question that in the trucking world a trucker shortage is happening and companies a struggling to come up with ways to recruit and keep new drivers. In an industry that can be viewed as unchanging and out of date how can you attract reliable drivers who will stick it out for the long-term. The millennial generation-the largest generation since the baby boom generation-consists of those born between 1977 and 2000. This generation of workers may seem somewhat high maintenance but in truth there are a only a few key components that they are looking for in their career. While these priorities differ from those of previous generations it is a list that will make any company more modern and appealing to the next generation of truckers.

  • Opportunities for advancement. Millennials want to know that hard work will be paid off in the first few years of employment by advancing fairly quickly. They don’t necessarily expect to be managers or CEO’s but they do want the opportunity to move up and earn consisting raises within the first few years.
  • Honest and personal feedback. Millennials want to know how they are doing and what areas they can improve on. They would prefer that this information was given directly and personally even if it is through text or email as long as it is not an overall group suggestion.
  • Advanced Technology. This generation was raised on technology and the use of it on the job is a must. Trucks not equipped with wifi and bluetooth will seem antiquated and out of date. They are attracted to companies that embrace new technologies and encourage the use of it.

If truck companies can acknowledge these key components when searching for new drivers they will most likely hire hard-working, multi-tasking employees that are likely to stay with your company for the long term.

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