The Benefits of Live Floors: Info from a Semi Trailer Repair Service

At J & M Trailer Repair, we are pleased to use live floors in our trailers to enhance the services we provide to our customers. The parts we provide for our trailer repairs come straight from Hallco, one of the most respected names in the truck and trailer industry. This has given our service offering semi trailer repair in Ocala, FL a leg up on a lot of our competition in the region.

Here are just a few reasons why Hallco’s live floors are the best choice on the market for trucking customers of all backgrounds:

  • Versatility: Hallco’s live floors (also occasionally referred to as walking floors) are able to move virtually any weight, as well as loads of virtually any width and length. Bulk loads can then be unloaded even under low overhangs or while on soft or uneven ground, with loads capable of being repositioned at any time to go easy on the axles. This outstanding versatility makes them a staple in the shipping industry, as well as in various industrial settings where moving extremely heavy equipment is commonplace.
  • Reliability: The bearing surfaces in live floors are long lasting and stable. All hydraulic hoses used in the equipment are made to industry standards. The floors themselves are well balanced, as there is an equal number of slats for every cylinder rod. Any time you choose a Hallco live floor, you can be sure you’re getting equipment that will last you for many years to come through many heavy moves.
  • Fast: Durability and system longevity does not mean sacrificed speed. You are still able to get your job done quickly and efficiently with Hallco live floors, which is extremely important in industries with tight deadlines. Whole container loads can be moved at speeds of up to 11 feet per minute.
  • Easy maintenance: Even when a trailer is fully loaded, you are still able to engage in maintenance to the system.
  • Reputable: Hallco live floors have undergone numerous tests since their debut in 1976, and have had their capabilities proven time and time again. These capabilities never need to be oversold by our team or the Hallco team, because they don’t have to be—they simply work for the jobs they have been designed, and companies that use them come back to them over and over.
  • Easy installation: There are relatively few parts and fasteners, few welds, very little clutter and extremely easy access to all important components. Even if you are unable to install the system yourself, a professional team is available to help you get everything set up so you can get right down to work.

Hallco’s products are completely top of the line solutions designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of industries. If you have more questions about the types of services we are able to provide you with at J & M Trailer Repair, please feel free to contact our team for semi trailer repair in Ocala, FL today.

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