A Few Tips to Help You Cut Down on Fuel Consumption

It may seem impossible to contain your fuel consumption while on the road especially during a long haul. Fuel consumption is dictated by how fast you go and how many miles your travel so how can you cut down on fuel consumption regardless of miles travelled and speed to your destination? There are a few easy tips and precautions that you can take that will help cut back on fuel costs and reduce air emissions while you perform you job. Following these tips will not only help with the cost of diesel by saving fuel but will also help you stay more eco-friendly and adhere to some states emissions laws.

Basic maintenance of your rig will help cut back on the amount of diesel you use. Keep your truck clean as extra dirt can add weight and lessen the aerodynamics of your truck. Check your tires regularly for correct pressure. Check and change your oil and replace your oil filters to keep engine clean and emissions down. It may not seem important but fueling up early in the morning can decrease gas lost to vapors and don’t wait for the tank to be empty before filling. Use the correct octane gas to get the best performance out of your truck.

Once you are on the road drive the speed limit, avoid speed changes as much as possible and cut down on idle time. Cut back on running the air conditioner when it isn’t absolutely necessary. On cold days let the truck run a few minutes and start out slowly to put less strain on your engine. These basic suggestions can keep your fuel consumption down and save money in the long run. Overall, you could save 2-3 percent on fuel consumption which may not seem like much but with the cost of fuel those savings will add up quickly.

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