Trouble With Your Trailer Spindle?

There are different types of spindles for trailers these day.  Some may be bolted on, but most will require welding.  For that reason, it is very wise to seek professional help when tackling a spindle job on your trailer.  This is a very essential component, and you do want to be sure that everything is properly assembled before you start your next trip.

There are a number of situations that can cause you to consider the need for a new spindle.  Many of these issues provide you no other option, in fact.  If you are going to make your next trip safely, you’ll need to make the repair.

Proper lubrication is necessary between the spindle and the bearings, to ensure that they are allowed to freely spin.  When that lubrication is not present, or if there is too little to be had, the repeated rubbing of metal on metal can cause serious damage to both the bearings and the spindle as well.  That, in turn, can mean the need for a new spindle.

There are other reasons, of course, for considering a new spindle.  Accidents happen, and during such an impact, the spindle can be damaged in various ways.  That is why it is so essential to have the trailer inspected by a professional repair service after an accident.  Some of this damage is not immediately apparent, but can cause serious problems once on the road.

While this is going to be above and beyond the typical DIY capabilities of most hobby mechanics, the good news is that most professional repair services can get your new spindle installed in very little time, which means that you can be back on the road quickly and safely.  If you aren’t certain that a new spindle is required, consider seeking the advice of the truck repair shop.  It may be possible to avoid the repair, but the damage to the spindle should be carefully considered before making that decision.

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