The New Tires from Michelin

Tires are one of the biggest expenses that members of the trucking industry have to contend with, so all new advances in the tire market are worth looking into.  There have been some great advancements in recent years, which has led to better, longer-lasting, eco-friendly options for truckers.  This most recent introduction to the market is really aimed at medium-duty truck drivers.

What does that mean?  This might be big news for those who work within the category of food and beverage logistics.  It could also mean big improvements and cost savings for mail delivery companies.

The tires are being referred to as the Michelin MD XDN 2 Pre-Mold.  Because these medium duty trucks face a lot of in-city driving, which means a lot of starting and stopping, tires can really suffer substantial wear and tear in a very short period of time.  So, Michelin has proposed a new solution.  These tires have been crafted to contend with that in-town driving.  These retreads are tough, durable, and affordable.  The company reports that, in testing, the tires performed beautifully, showcasing even wear patterns and fantastic traction.

The new tread pattern has a very specific purpose.  Internal casing temperatures can climb quite high quite rapidly, which is harmful to the integrity of the casing and tread.  Michelin has created these new tires to contend with that issue.  The tread pattern is designed to maintain lower temperatures, thereby elongating the lifespan of the tire.  That means a better value for the investment and, perhaps, a better bottom line.

This certainly isn’t the first, nor will it be the last, of the tire-related releases this year, but it is just one more step toward a superior tire.  Better tires means better traction, improved safety, fewer fueling stops, and more profit per run.  If you are failing to see long-lasting performance from your tires, then it is worth discussing options with your truck repair service.

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