Are You Ready for the Road? Understanding Brake Safety in Ocala, FL

With Brake Safety Week right around the corner, now is the time to consider whether the brakes on your truck are operating correctly. During Brake Safety Week, law enforcement will be performing multiple brake inspections on trucks and buses traveling throughout the country. Now is the time to think about your brake safety in Ocala, FL.

Brake Week inspections

If you are stopped by a law enforcement official during Brake Safety Week from Sept. 11 to 17, you should know what to expect. During these inspections, officials look for out-of-adjustment brakes and brake systems and anti-lock braking system violations. They typically perform a Level I inspection using performance-based brake testing equipment.

During the inspection, inspectors look for loose or missing parts from a brake system, as well as air or hydraulic leaks in the brake lines. Worn linings, pads, drums and rotors can also produce violations, as well as any other faulty brake system components. Inspectors also check your indicator lamps for any malfunctions and measure pushrod stroke on your tractor trailer.

Inspectors will measure your truck’s total brake force for the level of brake efficiency, looking for 43.5 percent efficiency at the minimum. A slow speed roller dynamometer is used to measure the brake efficiency by looking at the total vehicle weight and total brake force. If for any reason your brakes are defective or out of adjustment, you will produce a violation and your vehicle will be placed out of service until it can be fixed.

Avoiding brake violations

Performing a brake inspection on your truck is something you should do each time you head out on the road. Some of the points you should check include that your slack adjusters don’t have a lot of movement, your brake linings are intact and the belt on your air compressor is in good condition. Also, check that your low-pressure light works and that your brakes hold when you set the brake.

If any of these items are not working properly, get your brakes checked to ensure brake safety in Ocala, FL. Having your brakes maintenance on a regular basis can save you in an emergency. Faulty brakes won’t allow you to stop in time, potentially causing an accident that you will later regret. Safe operating brakes can save your life in an accident, and when you are carrying a heavy load, you need all the braking power you can get. Not only will you be able to forgo getting a violation, during a DOT inspection, you will decrease your liability by showing you regularly check your brakes and have them serviced at the first sign of a problem. This will help to increase your overall level of brake safety in Ocala, FL.

Before you hit the open road, take a moment to inspect your brakes from top to bottom. This will greatly improve your brake safety in Ocala, FL and keep you safe while on the road. For brake service, contact J & M Trailer Repair. We offer 24-hour roadside assistance in emergencies, as well as a full slate of repair services, including brake repairs.

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