Understanding the Importance of Traction on Semi Tires in Ocala, FL

Given the exposure to so many different weather conditions while on the road, semi truck drivers need every advantage they can get. But without dependable traction on semi tires in Ocala, FL, the drive could become dangerous for both truck drivers and all of those around them.

Good traction reduces instances of jackknifing

Tires located in the trailer position of a semi truck are responsible for carrying the weight of the load that is being transported, and they play an integral role in the braking of the truck. Because these tires are so heavily involved, their ability to grip the road will be of the utmost importance. In order to brake safely and efficiently, a trailer tire must be able to generate a substantial amount of friction at the contact point with the road, and good traction facilitates this process. The more traction a tire possesses, the better the grip on the road will be, which will allow the driver to both stop and start under control.

In instances when a semi’s trailer tires aren’t able to grip the road and gain sufficient traction, the tires could keep spinning as the driver attempts to brake, causing the trailer to jackknife. When a semi jackknifes, the trailer swings wildly and moves independently of the tractor. Jackknifing is most common when the trailer is empty, because the lack of weight causes less friction to be produced at the contact point, which destabilizes the amount of traction on the trailer tires.

If a semi truck’s trailer begins swinging on the highway, the driver and all passengers in nearby cars are in danger from not only the swinging of the trailer, but also any hazardous materials that may be inside should the trailer crash and open. It is easy to see that purchasing trailer tires with superb traction is a must, and can actually be lifesaving.

Securing the load during bad weather

As with all vehicles, traction on the tires that are responsible for braking is very important. It stands to reason that traction may be even more significant on the trailer tires of large semi trucks that are carrying heavy loads across the country, particularly during times of inclement weather. In addition to providing stability to the load, trailer tires with good traction will deliver a much safer ride, allowing the driver to maintain confidence even when going up against snow, ice or heavy rain. This allows the driver to meet all deadlines without hindrance, and this punctuality will help the company continue to generate future business.

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