The Hidden Value of Good Steer Position Semi Truck Tires in Ocala, FL

As the name would suggest, steer position tires play a critical role in the safe maneuvering of a semi truck, and making sure that you purchase and maintain quality semi truck tires in Ocala, FL is a must. In addition to the safety that a good steer tire provides, there are also some hidden benefits that could save your company money.

Controls safe movement of the entire semi-truck

Steer tires are largely responsible for a semi’s handling of the road, pivoting on a free rolling axle to control directionality. A good steer tire allows a semi to have a much smoother ride overall, which is especially important on long hauls across the country. Because steer tires play such a key role in the movement of a semi, a driver will be able to feel right away if something isn’t right. If a steer tire is out of whack, the driver will be able to feel this feedback, and the consistent vibration can make the journey much more difficult than it should be.

On the other hand, if a driver knows that they are driving on a set of good steer tires, they will be able to drive with confidence in all types of weather.

Quality steer tires can save your trucking fleet money

Steer tires have the unique ability to be used in several different positions, which can’t be said about any other type of semi truck tire. Once a steer tire has reached the removal miles limit in the steer position, it can be retreaded and repurposed as a drive tire. From here, it can be retreaded again, and moved to any of the trailer positions as well. As long as the steer tire remains in good shape with sound casing, there is no limit to how many times it can be retreaded for use in another location on the semi.

This unmatched flexibility through the retreading process provides stability and longevity that can save your business a substantial amount of money over time. Being able to rotate the steer tire into all of these positions with efficiency means that your company will be able to use the same tire over and over, extending the time in between large-scale tire purchases.

The reduced tread depth on steer tires will also maximize a semi’s fuel economy. With diesel prices being as steep as they are, improved fuel economy will provide a boost for a trucking fleet’s bottom line. Better fuel economy also means that drivers will be able to cover longer distances before needing to fill up. Just one fewer stop will allow a driver to get to the destination faster, which can eventually translate to more trips over the course of a year.

For the price of just $404, with tax included, you can get a quality steer tire along with dismount, mount, balance, valve stem, up to 5 oz. of wheel weights and tire disposal at J & M Trailer Repair. In addition, if you purchase a full set of 10 tires, we will throw in an alignment check and free DOT inspection. Be sure to stop by to take advantage of these affordable prices when you need semi truck tires in Ocala, FL, and get your entire fleet on the road right away.

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