See Us for Semi Truck Parts in Ocala, FL

You have many options for trailer and semi truck parts in Ocala, FL. However, you want to make a good choice, since commercial trucks and trailers lose money when they spend time in the shop. The way you prevent that scenario is by choosing quality parts from an authorized dealer. You can find that with J & M Trailer Repair. Here is what we offer you:

  • Specialization: We only repair commercial trucks. It is the cornerstone of our business, and naturally, we only carry parts for commercial trucks as a result. Whether you need something for a semi, trailer or box truck, we can provide you with what you need and you can rest assured that it will be appropriate for your vehicle.
  • Large inventory: J & M is an authorized Aurora Parts Dealer, and we can access parts made by Wabash, Hyundai, Lufkin and Great Dane, to name just a few. We also offer load stabilization features like liftgates and rails. No matter what you need, we can address it. That saves you time by never having to take your truck or trailer to another shop.
  • We understand your business: With consumer vehicles, people face inconvenience when their car is in the repair shop for a while. They may need to ask for rides or figure out new routines, but this usually does not mean losing income. We know that your business depends on your towing and delivery trucks, so we find ways to complete repairs quickly. You do not have time to wait for a repair or face the consequences when a low-quality part fails. Waiting for a new part to arrive is more money out of your pocket and we take precautions to prevent that.
  • Tires available, too: Of all our parts, tires remain crucial. A blowout on a commercial truck carries larger consequences than with smaller vehicles, and you need expert advice to keep tires safe. We offer drive, steer and trailer tires so you remain safe on the road. You can have them replaced while getting routine maintenance like an oil change, or make a separate appointment when your semi needs it. Just know that we will have the tires you need available.
  • Quick 24-hour emergency service: If you call us with an emergency repair, there is no need to stop somewhere else on the way to get what is needed for your semi or trailer. We will bring a full range of parts to address the problem as you describe and arrive at your breakdown site fully prepared. This increases the chances that your truck can be repaired right there on the road so you can get started quicker.
  • We have specials: Call us to learn about our tire specials. This may be your chance to finish a bulk tire replacement at substantial cost savings. We also feature discounts for oil changes and brakes. It is a reminder that you do not just get good quality parts from us, but also excellent service.

For quality trailer and semi truck parts in Ocala, FL call J & M Trailer Repair. We also offer 24-hour emergency service and repair services.

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