The Most Common Repairs to Fleet Truck Parts in Ocala, FL

J & M Trailer Repair is proud to offer a wide range of parts for fleet trucks of all types, and to make any necessary repairs for truck owners and companies who come our way. We even have a number of specials on our website to make your trip as affordable as possible. (See here: Our goal is always to get you back on the road as efficiently as we can so you can get back to work without having to worry about your vehicle breaking down.

We’ve performed just about every kind of truck repair you can imagine, but here are some of the most common repairs we make to fleet trucks and fleet truck parts in Ocala, FL:

  • Wheel bearings: Wheel bearings are the part of the vehicle that keeps wheels moving as smoothly as possible, minimizing friction. If you are hearing a lot of noise coming from your wheel wells, this is likely because the bearings are becoming degraded. Random jerks or unstable movements could also indicate wheel bearing problems. Replacing wheel bearings is extremely easy, so as soon as you notice these problems starting to pop up, you should make sure you get your truck in to J & M as quickly as you can and the job will be painless.
  • Brake system repairs: Because trucks have a larger payload, there is a lot more pressure put on brakes than in standard cars. This means there is also a greater likelihood that these brakes will experience fluid leaks. In some cases, if a truck has not been properly maintained, there could also be a major risk of brake failure. If this happens, you’ll likely only lose performance in one brake, but you still need to make sure you get issues with your brake system resolved as quickly as possible for your safety and the safety of everyone sharing the road with you.
  • Starter repairs: This is especially an issue for trucks that have to travel through colder weather. While we enjoy tropical temperatures here in Florida, truckers often travel to the Midwest or Northeast through harsh winter conditions. As temperatures drop, a vehicle is more susceptible to starter failure. Therefore, any truck that is going to be used in cold temperatures should have its starter reviewed before the trip to ensure it meets minimum performance standards. If not, get the repairs made as soon as you can before heading out on the job.
  • Engine overheats: Overheating engines can have drastic consequences for the vehicle and for the driver. There are many issues that could cause overheating engines, including blown gaskets or fuel leaks. If the issue is not addressed immediately, it could lead to the engine failing entirely

These are just a few examples of the types of repairs we make to fleet trucks. For more information about our services and capabilities, contact J & M Trailer Repair today and we can tell you about our full selection of fleet truck parts in Ocala, FL.

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