Tips for Maintaining Your Fleet’s Commercial Vehicle Tires in Ocala, FL

When it comes to working around fleet vehicles, what someone tends to notice most are the things right at eye- or squatting level. Unfortunately, that means the tires are likely to go overlooked until problems arise. Without proper tire maintenance, your business may be looking at higher operating costs and seeing an increase in vehicles breaking down on the side of the road. So, whether you are only responsible for maintaining the company vehicle you’re assigned to, or are in charge of caring for the entire fleet, make sure tire service is at the top of your maintenance to-do list.

Let’s review some tips for maintaining your fleet’s commercial vehicle tires in Ocala, FL.

Check tire pressure

From increased gas mileage to prolonged tire life, there are many reasons to regularly check your fleet’s tire pressure. Any vehicle would perform better with properly inflated tires, but your fleet is your livelihood and must always perform. If your work vehicle tires are constantly bursting due to chronic over- or under-inflation, you will have to pay for replacement tires—or for a whole new vehicle, should it get totaled in an accident caused by improper inflation.

Clean tires and wheels

It’s inevitable that work truck tires are going to get dirty. It doesn’t matter if you are driving within city limits or further away for a big job, or simply parked—the pavement will yield black grit and grease. But keeping vehicle tires and wheels clean is not only good for appearances.

Cleanliness is also crucial to remove damaging solvents and chemicals. We don’t see much in the way of snow or ice here in Florida, but if you encounter snow and ice in winter, then you have to watch out for more than road debris. Salt and other chemicals are used on icy roads to help vehicles gain traction. Unfortunately, they also corrode metal wheels. Clean dirt, debris and chemicals from rubber and metal using warm soapy water all around—it’s that easy!

Schedule regular tire inspections

You might have an employee who knows cars. They are the person everyone goes to when they have a problem with their work vehicle, and he or she seems to be knowledgeable. But the fact of the matter is that that one person doesn’t have the time to properly assess every tire issue. And because your fleet vehicles are what keep you in business, it’s important to plan monthly tire inspections with a professional auto mechanic. Your mechanic should be well versed in your particular types of fleet vehicles, with the experience to back up their certifications.

In addition, tires do not act alone. Therefore, you should also plan on investing in wheel alignment services and wheel balance calibrations every so often when taking vehicles in for their regular tire inspections.

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