How Analysis of Your Fleet’s Operations Can Maximize Your Semi Tires in Ocala, FL

In the trucking industry, it is important to keep a close eye on your fleet’s operations in order to find ways to consistently improve efficiency, while simultaneously keeping costs down. This same principle can be applied to finding ways to maximize the life of your fleet’s semi tires in Ocala, FL, and using specific information that is collected about tire performance can help you find cost-effective ways to get the most out of each set of tires.

Information is key

Keeping good records so that the entire staff has all of the information necessary before and after every trip can also play a key role in helping determine if your fleet is getting the most out of its tires. Just as you keep general logs about each truck’s trip, implementing detailed logs about tire performance can help determine if the right tires are being used for each trip, or if adjustments need to be made. Certain semi tires are matched best with certain types of trailers on certain trips, and making sure that you are always using the correct tires with the right specifications for the relevant applications will help prevent unnecessary strain and wear to poorly matched tires.

Consider retreading

Analyzing your operations will also help you better employ retreads on your tires, which is one of the best ways to maximize the use of each tire, as the process is specifically designed to provide a cost-effective reboot to tires that you already have. Because of the informational logs you have been keeping about your tires, you will already know which tires are working out the best for your fleet, as well as which tires might be underperforming or causing continuous issues. You will also be closely acquainted with each tire’s maintenance schedule, and how much they have been used and for what, which will also be helpful in deciding if a tire is worth retreading or if it has outlasted its lifespan.

Utilize trial periods

If you do decide to buy new tires, why not take that opportunity to try out a couple different top quality brands on different trucks? Try these brands first on trucks that are making different trips with varying lengths. Then try alternating the different tire brands on trucks that are making the same run to see which one is the most effective. Always check back in with your drivers after their trips have been completed to get additional feedback, and then take all of this information into account as you are making your final decision.

A deeper analysis of your day-to-day operations and tire performance can help you make decisions about new tires as well as the ones that are already in use. For help with both the purchasing and monitoring of your fleet’s semi tires in Ocala, FL, contact the specialists at J & M Trailer Repair. In addition to helping you take care of all of your tire and parts needs, we offer a surplus of other services that can play a part in your fleet’s success. Give us a call today to learn more!

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