Semi Truck Roadside Assistance in Ocala, FL Can Protect Your Company’s Bottom Line

Truck breakdowns are inevitable, whether it is a blown tire or a sensor being dislodged during extended travel on a rough road. It will be important for your company to deal with these breakdowns quickly with the aid of semi truck roadside assistance in Ocala, FL, because if your truck is out of commission for too long, it can lead to major losses for your company. Here are some of the effects that prolonged downtime can have on your fleet’s operations.

Loss of customer trust

When it comes to the customers and their cargo, every delivery to their end users is just as important as the last. They are putting their trust in your trucking company’s ability to meet deadlines, because your punctuality has a direct impact on their success. Being tied this closely means that if you are forced to miss a delivery due to a prolonged breakdown, both you and your customer will have to deal with the fallout, which could severely impact how much trust they are able to put in your company moving forward. If their delivery is extremely late or having multiple breakdowns becomes a reoccurring issue, they might even look to remove their account with your company altogether.

With a reliable roadside assistance program, you can prevent these types of punctuality issues and get your drivers back on the road much more quickly, which might give your driver enough time to still meet the original deadline window.

Keep your employees on your side

When an employee’s truck experiences lengthy breakdowns, it could have an effect on their take-home pay for that particular trip. If their pay is impacted drastically, it could have a ripple effect on the funds available for the financial obligations they have in their life, both for themselves and their families. If they are too severely impacted by the loss in pay, they may even begin looking around to join another fleet, and you might end up losing one of your most valued drivers. Having roadside assistance that can get your drivers back on the road quickly will keep your drivers in motion, allowing them to maximize their road hours and get all of the money that they need and deserve.

The best way to minimize the number of breakdowns your fleet experiences is with routine preventative maintenance on all of your trucks before they leave the yard. Unfortunately, though, breakdowns will occur, and it is your quick response to these incidents that will help you keep your customers and employees happy.

To reduce the amount of downtime your trucks experience, you will need reliable semi truck roadside assistance in Ocala, FL that is available 24/7. J & M Trailer Repair has both affordable roadside assistance plans and maintenance services that will keep your company operating at the highest level, protecting your bottom line. We’re also available around the clock to provide the roadside assistance your drivers need. Be sure to give us a call today to see what we can do for your fleet.

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