Extend the Lifespan of Your Semi Truck Tires in Ocala, FL

Semi truck tires make your line of work possible. Without good tires to help you make local deliveries or haul cargo across the country, you do not bring in revenue. A blowout or persistent flat delays your deliveries and can affect your bottom line. Taking care of your tires will help them last longer and delay the need for replacement. Here are six tips to extend the lifespan of your semi truck tires in Ocala, FL:

  • Choose the right kind: The longevity of your tires starts with good choices. While tires for your commuter depend on weather and your preference, semi truck tires are categorized by their operation. Long haul trucks require different tires than delivery or moving trucks that stay within the local area. Some trucks do better with different types of tires on the drive and trailer axles. It all depends on your use and mileage. Rather than try to cut costs in this department, start by purchasing the tires most appropriate for your application.
  • Retread when possible: If you need to stretch a budget, retreading tires is the best way to go. The process involves placing new tread over old, and it is effective as long as the casing remains in good condition. There are fleets that retread tires up to three or four times before they replace the entire tire. Just be aware that if your work involves highway driving, you may need to retread more frequently.
  • Look out for irregular wear: Much like your commuter car, irregular wear on semi truck tires indicates misalignment or missed maintenance routines. Since semi trucks are high-mileage vehicles, it is important to keep current on tire rotation, alignment checks and proper inflation. Encourage drivers to check inflation levels when they stop and to report any tire irregularities they notice. This can prevent problems before they lead to a driver being stranded roadside.
  • Watch inside duals: Checking inflation on the inside dual tires is not easy, and if anything happens, it is most likely to happen to these inaccessible tires. Provide flashlights and other equipment that can make checking these tires easier. When you bring in your truck for maintenance, you can also ask the mechanic to check inside duals while they are working on your truck.
  • Keep good records: Never lose track of when you replace or retread tires. If you have a method of setting up calendar reminders, do that so you never forget to examine tires and avoid the costs that may be associated with mishaps. Driving too long on a retread or sending a driver north in winter on bare tires can produce a hazardous situation. A combination of good monitoring and recordkeeping prevents highway incidents.
  • Discourage aggressive driving: Sudden stops and starts wear out tires and engines alike. You can tell if a driver engages in these habits because there will be flat spots on the tires, and even locked-up brakes. The best way to discourage this is to emphasize safety over delivery speed. Promise reasonable deadlines that still meet customers’ expectations—otherwise, the cost of maintaining your fleet will cancel out extra profits resulting from fast delivery.

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