Choosing Commercial Truck Tires in Ocala, FL

Commercial truck tires are defined by their application. It is important to buy the right type of tire for the work. A long-haul semi truck that delivers heavy equipment across the country will not have the same needs as a residential moving company that remains in the state. Picking tires can feel like an involved process, and many business owners are concerned about the costs. Here are four tips for choosing the right commercial truck tires in Ocala, FL that will save you money in the long run:

  • Consider driving conditions: How you use your commercial trucks determines the category of tire you need. If your operation is mainly highways, you need tires that withstand heavy mileage. Rural delivery vehicles that constantly drive on gravel roads and even off-road types of conditions will need a completely different tire than the one assigned to a long-haul semi. City driving offers other new circumstances, as tire wear often results from constant braking. Take an honest assessment of your business and the services you provide before narrowing down your tire choices.
  • Set a budget: Know your budget before considering your options. If you can buy the most expensive and longest-lasting tire of all your choices, that is ideal. However, businesses have high and low periods, and sometimes the trucks need tires and you just want something that works. If your work keeps drivers close to home, consider retreading to extend life to the tires. Retreading is riskier with long-haul work, so if you must take that route, monitor tires carefully. When times are tight, it is best to go with a mid-level brand because they offer reliability at a lower price than premium options.
  • Ask about extras: Commercial truck tires may have warranties. This is helpful if a manufacturer defect delays your business or creates a dangerous situation. Other tire packages may include a free DOT inspection or full alignment check, which can be handy if your driver has been on rough roads lately. Sometimes these extra services make a more expensive tire worth it.
  • Check truck condition: Before you buy tires, fix any outstanding issues with the truck. Address alignment issues, balance tires when necessary and rotate tires on a regular schedule. What seems to be a tire issue may actually be a problem with the suspension, shocks or brakes, all of which can give the impression of a tire problem. Not every problem demands replacement tires, but you may require maintenance on systems you did not consider. Eliminate these possibilities before making a large investment on replacement tires. If replacement is your best option, keep records of when you replace tires so you know when that time arises again. That way, if an issue presents itself, you can check the age of the tires and know whether it is time for new ones.

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