Five Tips for Choosing the Right Mechanic for Commercial Vehicle Services in Marion County, FL

Depending on the type of business you own, your fleet vehicles might be daily drivers—like sedans and economy compacts—or larger work trucks—like heavy duty pickups or tractor trailers. But no matter the type of fleet vehicles you have in your lot, they all require routine maintenance to ensure they run strong and last a long time. The best way to maintain your fleet vehicles is to hire a mechanic to create a maintenance schedule for all your commercial vehicles. With a professional eye on your fleet, you’ll avoid costly repairs.

Here are five tips for picking the right mechanic for your business’ commercial vehicle services in Marion County, FL:

  • Check the mechanic’s qualifications: You want to know that your auto mechanic has the right qualifications before they begin working on your fleet vehicles. Ask him or her about the credentials and certifications they hold, or inquire about specific ones. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) only certifies technicians who have passed a competency test targeted at knowing how to do a multitude of vehicle repairs. If your business vehicles are rigs or heavy duty diesel trucks, for example, then you want a mechanic knowledgeable in diesel engine repair.
  • Check a company’s reputation: Because work vehicles are expensive, and you need them in full operation for your livelihood, you do not want to work with a crooked mechanic. A company will have a hard time staying in business if they carry a bad reputation—the Internet sees to that. Check out online customer reviews pertaining to the particular vehicle services you need, and ask the company for a list of client references.
  • Ask about the shop’s insurance: Established vehicle service shops should have three types of insurance. General liability insurance pays out for customer vehicle damages that happen in the shop, or if customers get injured on the shop’s property. A business owner’s policy insurance covers the repair shop’s business property and assets. Finally, worker’s compensation provides coverage for shop workers in the event of an accident while they are on the job.
  • Find a mechanic who communicates: The best mechanics are willing to answer all your questions, as well as show you any problems with your vehicle. For example, if your tire needs replacing, they will point out on the tire the exact reason why. If an engine component is failing, they’ll show you and explain what it is you are looking at.
  • Follow your intuition: You need your fleet vehicles in good shape all year long, so don’t leave them in the hands of someone you are not comfortable with. Your intuition is rarely wrong. If you sense something not quite right about a shop, mechanic or technician, take your business elsewhere.

Finding the right mechanic doesn’t have to be hard. Just do your homework, ask questions and don’t skip regular checkups. If it’s time to maintain your business’ fleet vehicles, then give us a call at J & M Trailer Repair. We offer an array of commercial vehicle services in Marion County, FL, ranging from truck repair to tire installation. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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