How to Handle a Commercial Vehicle Breakdown: Tips from Your Provider of Commercial Truck Roadside Service in Marion County, FL

Your day isn’t going as planned. Two minutes ago, you were flying down the highway, on schedule and on cloud nine. Then, you heard a disturbing noise, and your vehicle stopped running. You mentally saw your schedule fly out the window and cloud nine float away. You realize it’s time for commercial truck roadside service in Marion County, FL.

What are the best steps to take in this situation? The location of the breakdown, time of day and road conditions all affect what you should do next. To stay safe and get the help you need, use the following commercial breakdown tips:

  1. Pull over: If possible, pull onto the shoulder. Try to get the vehicle out of the way of other passing traffic. This will increase your safety and help you avoid becoming a hazard to other drivers.
  2. Light up: Turn on your hazard lights to alert other drivers of your presence. It may seem hard to miss a semi that is sitting on the side of the road, but you might be surprised how distracted drivers on the road can be. During inclement weather or at night, turn on your dome light and headlights, too, for additional illumination of your vehicle. If you can do so safely, place reflective triangles behind your vehicle, raise the hood and tie something white to your radio antenna to let police and tow trucks passing by know you need assistance. Use extreme caution as you exit your vehicle to place these signals.
  3. Check in: You should have a safety and accident policy document in your vehicle. Review this for any procedures required by your company. You may need to contact a call center to inform your employer about the breakdown. Or, there may be a specific repair service provider you should call.
  4. Call out: Contact a repair service, your company or the police for commercial truck roadside service in Marion County, FL. Then, wait for help to arrive. Do not attempt to repair the vehicle. Don’t allow passersby to try to fix the vehicle. Have patience and wait for expert assistance to properly handle the repair. Waiting isn’t fun, but it’s the best option in your situation.
  5. Stay in: The safest place is inside your vehicle. Waiting on the side of the road outside of your truck is dangerous. It is easy to get hit by passing traffic. If the neighborhood is questionable, you may also be in danger of criminal activity. Remain in your vehicle, with the doors locked, until professional help arrives.

As you complete these important steps, keep in mind your top source for local commercial truck roadside service in Marion County, FL. J & M Trailer Repair offers expert technicians and top-level service to assist you with all your breakdown needs. Reach out to our shop for fast, efficient repairs that will help you get back on the road in no time. Contact us any time to answer questions, schedule an appointment or to receive roadside service.

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