How Often Should Semi Truck Tires Be Replaced?

On any vehicle, there are certain systems, parts and components that need to be closely monitored and regularly cared for in order to ensure that drivers stay safe while on the road. Tires are responsible for your vehicle’s traction on the road, and they become much less effective as they age and wear out. Because of this, it’s important that you regularly inspect your tires, monitor their air pressure and replace them when necessary. The problem is that a lot of truck drivers and owners don’t know how often they should have their tires changed or what signs to look for to determine whether replacement is necessary.

Mileage guidelines

Because every truck is different, and each semi will carry different loads and drive in different road conditions, there isn’t a reliably consistent guideline for tire replacement. Though mechanics and automotive experts don’t have a replacement recommendation that can be applied to all trucks across the board, you can generally expect to get 100,000 miles of drive or more out of a set of semi tires in Florida, since they are designed to be rugged and durable. Ultimately, without a universally accepted replacement guideline, the best way to ensure your tires stay in the best condition possible is to get routine maintenance and inspections.

Looking for signs of wear

Just like with regular vehicle tires, you can check for excessive wear with the penny test. If you place the edge of a facedown penny into the tread of your tires, you shouldn’t be able to see the entirety of Lincoln’s face. In addition to the penny test, you can also look for visible signs of wear. Perform a visual inspection to check whether the tread wear indicators in your tires are visible.

Along with tire inspection and replacement, make sure that you keep balance and alignment in mind. Replacing tires on one side of your truck, but not the other, will likely result in uneven wear and could lead to major safety and operational issues.

To keep your tires in the best condition possible, you should take your semi truck in for regular service and routine maintenance. A trained and certified technician will be able to accurately assess the condition of your tires and take care of any necessary patches, rotations or replacements. They can also advise you on steps that you can take to keep your tires in good condition through safe driving practices and preventative maintenance for your tires.

Find semi tires in Florida

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