Four Signs Your Heavy-Duty Vehicle Needs a New Drive Shaft

Peak performance is key when it comes to transporting heavy-duty loads. Just one compromised part could slow down a trip and even have deadly results. One of the most important components is the drive shaft. The drive shaft allows the vehicle to shift from idle into drive. Years of heavy loads placing tremendous amounts of pressure on the drive shaft can cause it to deteriorate. The drive shaft will inevitably need to be replaced at some point. The damage to the heavy-duty vehicle will only get worse the longer the problem goes unaddressed. Plus, it will also cost more to repair.

The question is, how can drivers know when a replacement is needed? It’s simple as long as you know the warning signs and can procure the needed box truck parts in Florida before the situation deteriorates further. Replace the drive shaft in a heavy-duty vehicle as soon as you notice any of the following signs:

  • Vibrating: Does the car seem to be vibrating while driving? This could be attributed to a damaged drive shaft. The vibration could affect the entire vehicle or just be limited to a few different parts. The problem will only get worse when driving at higher speeds or for longer distances.
  • Universal joint problems: The universal joint (often known as the U-joint) should rotate fully without any pushback or hesitation. A damaged drive shaft will limit the rotation of the U-joint. This is usually accompanied by instability and loud clunking noises while driving. Additionally, any rust on the bearing cap seals could also indicate a deteriorating drive shaft.
  • Challenging turning: A failing drive shaft can make turning the wheels more challenging, or even prevent it altogether. This will be more noticeable while making a sharp turn.
  • Strange sounds: Unexplained sounds are never a good sign when you’re behind the wheel. A problematic drive shaft will make a low squeaky sound while driving. The sound often gets even louder at higher speeds.

Replace the drive shaft immediately to avoid future problems

Ignoring drive shaft problems will just cause more problems. The drive shaft is tasked with sending power from the engine to the wheels. As the drive shaft deteriorates, this important function is undermined because the drive shaft is unable to deliver the energy needed for the semi-truck to function properly. The vehicle will try to overcompensate as a result, which will cause additional wear on the axles, steering wheel and other important components. A failing drive shaft could damage other truck parts, which will force the replacement of additional box truck parts in Florida.

Unfortunately, a simple repair likely won’t solve the problem. The only option is to replace the part entirely. The repairs could take semi-truck drivers off the roads for weeks or even months depending on the extent of the damage. Replace the part immediately to avoid any unnecessary downtime and loss of business.

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