Four Things to Consider When Buying Semi Tires in Florida

The tires are one of the most important components of a semi truck. Unfortunately, many drivers don’t give much thought to their tires until they find themselves stranded on the side of the road. A well-selected set of tires will improve safety on the road, increase fuel economy and improve the overall handling of the vehicle, in addition to providing a smoother ride and peace of mind knowing the vehicle is prepared to stop safely in all road conditions.

Eventually, all tires will need to be replaced even with regular maintenance. Regularly replacing the tires is the best way to ensure your semi truck is operating at peak performance. But choosing the right tire can be an intimidating and exhaustive process. There are countless different brands and styles available at a variety of price points. Some buyers may find themselves swayed by specials or low costs, but that doesn’t always guarantee the best quality. Keep the following in mind when buying semi tires in Florida to ensure you’re pleased with your purchase:

  • Tire quality: Not all truck tires are the same. As with any purchase, the quality will differ based on the manufacturer, design and the hardness of the tires surface. For example, soft tires are specifically designed to grip the road and ride smoothly, but they tend to wear down faster and aren’t very fuel-efficient. The design of hard tires makes them well suited for endurance and durability. Hard tires have been known to experience decreased traction in some weather conditions.
  • New or retreaded: Retreaded tires are an inexpensive alternative to buying a brand-new set, but they usually aren’t as great quality-wise. Retreaded tires don’t last as long as their new counterparts, and they may even be less safe. For this reason, it’s always best to opt for new semi tires in Florida.
  • Load capacity: Your new tires need to be able to properly support the load of your vehicle. Check that the tires’ maximum load limit for each wheel will meet your vehicle’s top carrying capacity. The last thing you want is to purchase a new set of tires that can’t meet your needs.
  • Trucking routes: It’s important to consider the conditions along the anticipated route when selecting a new set of tires. For example, drivers who regularly haul through areas with rapidly changing weather conditions should choose soft tires, as they are designed to handle everything from dry roads to slick, snow-covered highways. On the other hand, hard tires are a great choice for drivers who need something that will last for endless thousands of miles on the highway.

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