How Important Is a Thorough Pre-Trip Inspection?

There’s nothing more frightening than hitting the open road and realizing that you forgot something essential, or that there’s something wrong with your truck. While recent advances in technology and improved communications systems have made the process of truck driving substantially less dangerous, much of North America continues to be relatively desolate. Becoming stranded in certain areas could pose a substantial risk to your productivity and to your safety.

Pre-trip inspections allow you to allay fears of hitting the road without the things you know you need to succeed. Pre-trip inspections should be comprehensive overviews of your truck and its general health and condition. For instance, pre-trip inspections may help you determine if you need to stop for replacement semi truck parts in Ocala, FL before you embark on your journey. Failure to conduct a proper pre-trip inspection may cause you to encounter unsafe conditions on the road, or to lose face with your employer.

Here are just a few things to take into account when conducting your pre-trip inspection:

  • Check fluid levels: Examine the levels of your oil, coolant and steering fluids. Be sure to keep a close eye open for any potential leaks. After you’ve taken a careful look at all of the fluid levels, look closely at the reservoirs and lines for any leakage that may be occurring. If you notice leakage, call for immediate repairs.
  • Examine the engine block: Next, look at your truck’s engine block, and examine it carefully. Keep an eye out for any cracking on the engine block, and also check for any fluid leaks. While you’re looking at the engine block, examine all the belts and make sure there’s no fraying.
  • Look at wiring: Examine all of the wiring inside your truck, starting under the hood and moving backward. If you notice any exposed wiring, bare wires or wires that simply look out of place, you’ll need to call for the assistance of an automotive electrician. Make a note of any wires that look like they’re starting to fray.
  • Observe the tires: Pay extra attention to the tires on your rig. If even one of the tires looks like it’s out of shape, you may want to consider replacing all of the tires on your truck, or having the tires rotated before you hit the road. Losing a tire on the road can cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

Once you’ve completed the pre-trip inspection, turn on your engine and do it over again. You’ll also want to test the lights, horn and other electrical systems before driving. Executing your pre-trip inspection correctly can save you time, money and protect you against potentially deadly situations.

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