Five Easy Ways to Know You Need a Semi Truck Oil Change in Marion County, FL

All motor vehicles need their oil changed regularly, and long-haul semi trucks are no exception. Professional checks and fluid changes are your best bet at avoiding serious engine trouble and costly repair bills, and truck drivers should be aware of the signs of oil that has lost its power and quality. Below are five easy ways to know when you need to schedule a semi truck oil change in Marion County, FL:

  • Check engine light is on: Like the dashboard warning lights in your car, pickup truck or SUV, a semi truck that needs its engine checked or the oil changed will display the check engine light on the dash. When was the last time you change the motor oil? How much short- or long-distance hauling do you do every week or month? It’s recommended that you keep a log of all the services and work that gets done to your truck, but also pay attention to those dashboard warning lights and whether they flicker on and off or stay lit up.
  • Oil level is low: The key to preventing downtime or damage to your semi truck is preventative maintenance and regular checks. One such check that any truck owner or driver can do is test the oil level in their rig. Get in the habit of doing the following: take the dipstick out, wipe it off, reinsert it in the oil reservoir, pull it out, then inspect the level, color and viscosity of the oil. If the current motor oil is dark and dirty, it needs to be changed. If oil levels are too low, more oil needs to be added.
  • Oil is dark and dirty: Clean motor oil is a healthy-looking amber color. The longer it stays in the truck, the more time there is for particle buildup to make it dirty. Darkened oil is the most obvious sign you need to schedule an oil change.
  • Engine is noisy: The oil in your semi truck is the fluid that lubricates the engine. Proper lubrication is crucial if your rig is to run smoothly and operate as it should, so it goes without saying that if your rig’s engine has suddenly become excessively loud, you must have a professional look at it. Hearing knocking noises while your truck is in motion is also of concern. Fresh lubrication, like the right motor oil for your truck, can resolve a majority of noise issues.
  • Smoky exhaust: Semi trucks have a tailpipe and exhaust system to let vapors escape instead of backing up into the cabin. But while it’s common to see a translucent vapor coming from truck tailpipes in cold weather, it should not linger. If you notice exhaust smoke emitting constantly from your semi truck’s tailpipe—whether you’re idling or driving—you should check the oil. The oil may be very dirty or there could be an oil leak in your truck’s engine.

If you need to schedule a semi truck oil change in Marion County, FL, please don’t hesitate to contact J & M Trailer Repair. Reach out to book an appointment today!

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