Important Tire Maintenance and Safety Tips for Truckers

There is more to road safety than avoiding potholes and making sure you’re paying attention to what other motorists are doing behind the wheel. From mechanical components to tires to windshield glass, vehicles need to be kept in tip-top shape. The truth is that the results of neglecting regular auto maintenance can range from inconvenient to deadly (think tire blowouts, engine failures and other problems that happen while driving). Now imagine navigating a big rig down the freeway and experiencing one of these heart-pounding situations.

Responsible semi truck drivers and fleet owners are well aware of the effort, time and money that go into keeping trucks and tractor trailers in good condition. Here are some of the most important maintenance and safety tips recommended for commercial truck tires in Ocala, FL:

  • Check the air pressure: Like checking the air pressure in your own car’s tires, you must remember to measure the air pressure in your semi truck’s tires. If you drive loads often, then you should check the tire pressure more frequently, before, after and even throughout the trip—but make sure to check pressure when the tires are cold. Truck drivers need to know the correct pressure that goes into each tire. This is especially important, since they might have to check and fill tires themselves, without a mechanic’s help.
  • Look at the tire tread: Worn tires on any vehicle are a safety issue. A tire rotating on worn tread has a greater chance at blowing out when it hits debris or potholes on the road. If a tire is not that old, yet is showing signs of uneven wear and tear, then the problem is likely due to low air pressure. Another thing to look for when inspecting the tread is damage to the tire. Are there bulges, cracks, tears or foreign objects sticking out? It’s dangerous to drive on damaged tires. Replace them immediately.
  • Missing tire valve caps: Tire valve caps go missing all the time, whether they get misplaced after tire inflation, fall off or someone purposely removes them. The thing is that you’ve probably seen a lot of cars without a valve cap or two, but this can be a hazard. You don’t want air escaping from the tire valves. If you drive a semi, take a look at the air valves on the tires and make sure each has a cap securely in place. Keep extra valve caps in your truck cab as replacements in the event that any go missing.
  • Schedule a checkup: It’s important that your rig gets regular checkups from a certified technician. They will not only check the condition of your tires, but everything connected to them as well. This includes checking the brakes, suspension and shocks, as well as providing services like wheel alignments, tire balancing and rotation.

Now that you have a better understanding of how to prevent excessive wear and tear on your commercial truck tires in Ocala, FL, it’s time to reach out to a trusted mechanic for a checkup. Call J & M Trailer Repair to schedule routine inspections or service!

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