Tips to Help You Figure Out if Your Semi Truck Engine Is Dying

Trucking is a tough business—the many miles on the road can be tough on your mind and body. But they can also be tough on your vehicle, especially when you’ve logged hundreds of thousands of miles on a single engine.

No matter how high-quality an engine you have, at some point it will have had enough. This means it’s important for you to be able to read the signs of an engine that’s nearing the end of its useful life, especially when you know you’ve already logged a significant number of miles with it. With this in mind, here are a few examples of some of the warning signs that indicate a failing engine and a need for semi truck repairs in Ocala, FL:

  • Sudden drop in fuel efficiency: Have you noticed your fuel economy taking a nosedive? You might be spending more time at the gas station as your tank empties faster. Poor fuel economy can indicate a variety of issues with a vehicle, but it is a sign of a failing engine in some instances. The problem could be as simple as worn or damaged injectors, or it could be something else entirely.
  • Exhaust problems: If the exhaust coming out of your vehicle is suddenly a different color than it used to be, this could be a sign of engine troubles. This is especially true if the exhaust has turned into a dark blue or black color—this is indicative that your vehicle is either burning oil or that the fuel environment is either too lean or too rich. You might be experiencing some problems with your cylinder liner, injectors or piston rings, all of which could cause this issue.
  • Faster oil consumption: Do you find yourself more frequently checking your oil levels? You might have to start adding more oil in between your standard oil changes simply out a fear your engine is going to run dry. This could be a result of an oil leak, or burning oil from problems with your cylinder liner or piston rings.
  • Decreased power: A loss of engine power is going to be particularly problematic for drivers of semi trucks, who need significant amounts of power to haul their heavy loads. If you find your truck just isn’t pulling the way it used to or that there seems to be a cap on your top speeds that didn’t exist before, there’s a possibility you’re dealing with lost compression in the cylinders. The underlying issue could be problems with the valves, head gasket or piston rings.
  • Engine brakes declining in performance: If the engine brake isn’t working well and it seems that you are dealing with increased stoppage times, this is another indicator of lost cylinder compression, and may result in your needing to look at your cylinder liner or piston rings.
  • Engine knocking: Strange sounds and engine knocking should get you off the road and to a repair shop immediately so you can uncover the problem before an accident occurs.

For more information about semi truck repairs in Ocala, FL after you have engine difficulties, contact the experts at J & M Trailer Repair today.

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