Tips on Choosing the Right Commercial Vehicle Tires

If you have a commercial fleet of semi trucks, you know a lot goes into fleet truck maintenance in Ocala, FL. Being safe on the road is one of the most important parts of the job, and ensuring all your vehicles are equipped with high-quality tires is especially important for safety and making sure roadside problems are kept to a minimum. The type of tire you choose does have an impact on the quality of your drive. Read on to learn how to choose the right tires for your commercial vehicles.

Consider load capacity and road conditions

The amount of weight you are carrying, and consequently the load that will be stressing your tires, matters greatly when deciding what type of tires to purchase for your vehicle. Fleet truck maintenance in Ocala, FL can be kept to a minimum when you choose the right tires for the amount of weight you’ll be carrying. Heavy equipment and bulky loads put extra strain on your tires, so you want to make sure the tires you’re choosing are rated for the amount of weight you plan to transport on them. The manufacturer of the tires will know more about the capacity and performance power under various stress levels of the tires you are considering. Making sure you get strong enough tires will ensure you stay safe and the vehicle remains in good condition.

In addition to load capacity, you’ll also want to consider the type of road that will make up the bulk of the truck’s route. Standard road tires are not built for off-road driving. Rough terrain can cause safety problems for the vehicle if you drive on this type of rough or rocky terrain for long periods of time on the wrong type of tire. If you’re not sure of the road conditions for your route, or know that part of the trip will be off-road, consider off-road tires, which are designed with hardier rubber compounds and stone ejectors to remove debris that is likely to get stuck in the tread. This will ensure your driver and vehicle remain safe.

Steering control

Steer tires are specifically designed to be mounted on the front axle position and help channel water away from under the tire surface to keep the rubber in contact with the road. This is especially important for maintaining steering during wet, slick, icy or wintery conditions. Many fleet operators are choosing to add steering tires to their vehicles. However, there are extra concerns for fleet truck maintenance in Ocala, FL associated with steer tires. A flat steer tire presents itself by making the vehicle difficult to operate normally and control, so make sure your steer tires are properly inflated and maintained.

J & M Trailer Repair can help you with your fleet truck maintenance in Ocala, FL, including outfitting your semi truck with the right tires. Considering load capacity, road conditions and weather conditions will all help ensure you have the right tires for a safe ride. Come by today for more information!

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