Signs You Might Need New Tires for Your Semi Truck

If you drive a semi truck, you’re probably familiar with all the maintenance that goes into keeping these machines safe and functional on the road. Your truck’s tires are an important part of the operation of your vehicle, and making sure they are in good condition is essential to arriving at your destination safely. Your tires may be in worse shape than you realize, creating a need for new semi tire sales in Ocala, FL. Tire failure can be incredibly dangerous, so keep an eye out for these signs that your tires are in disrepair:

  • Too much vibration: One of the clearest signs you can spot of a failing tire while you’re driving is too much vibration on the road. Especially if the vibration you’re feeling is more than you’re used to and feels excessive, you might find the need to check your tires more closely. It may also be due to your tires not being balanced. You probably need to have them looked at by a professional in case you need to replace one or more tires and find affordable semi tire sales in Ocala, FL.
  • Cracks: The sidewall on your tires can experience much wear and tear that can be hard to spot. Problems like cuts and grooves can be seen upon closer inspection with the naked eye. These are a sign that your tires are leaking, which is incredibly dangerous because it means they can blow out at any time. If your sidewall has developed cracks, you need to take your tires to a repair shop as soon as possible and think about replacing them.
  • Blisters: Additionally, blisters can form on your tires. Any parts of your tires afflicted by bulges or blisters can become weak and also cause blowouts. You’ll want to replace blistered tires right away, so keep an eye out for semi tire sales in Ocala, FL.
  • Depth of tread: Occasionally, you’ll want to examine your tires for the depth of the tread. It should be above 1.6 millimeters deep. Driving on slippery and wet surfaces can increase the need for the correct tread depth. Purchase a tire gauge to measure the depth properly, and when you take your vehicle to the service center, have them verify the depth as well.
  • Watch the wear indicator: New tires are usually equipped with a tread wear indicator, which should be barely visible in new tires. As tires become worn and get older, this indicator bar will become more visible. Check your tires and see if these indicators have appeared, as this is a sign that the tread is getting low. When the bar fills up, you need to get your tires replaced with new semi tires.

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