Why Should You Spend the Money on Fleet Truck Maintenance in Ocala, FL?

Your enterprise invested in a fleet of commercial vehicles. Without these cars and/or trucks, your business would come to a screeching halt. Clients would be disappointed, at the very least, but could also decide to take their accounts elsewhere if you can’t deliver what you promised. As a business owner or manager, there’s simply no excuse for ignoring regular maintenance on your fleet of commercial vehicles.

What happens when you ignore fleet maintenance?

Sure, fleet truck maintenance in Ocala, FL costs money. Sometimes it might seem more prudent to spend that money elsewhere or just push your vehicles as far as they can go without maintenance. This has negative repercussions that will cost far more than the original maintenance would have had you just opted to get the work done in the first place.

Ignoring fleet maintenance could mean endangering your employees’ lives, failing FMCSA inspections and accruing a long list of associated expenses due to an accident caused by a faulty car or truck. Then there’s the hassle of expensive emergency repair costs and the loss of income from downtime. It simply does not pay to ignore fleet maintenance.

Why fleet maintenance is important

Each vehicle in your commercial fleet is like a human body: a complex machine that requires caretaking to ensure long-term health and wellbeing. We conduct preventative maintenance on our bodies by eating healthy, exercising and so on. The same concepts apply to your commercial vehicle fleet.

Preventative car and truck maintenance addresses small concerns before they become large, costly problems. Service frequency depends on how much use your commercial fleet gets. If your trucks are on the road all day, every day, towing massive loads, they’ll likely need maintenance more regularly than the manufacturer recommends. If your cars and trucks are clocking the same mileage as a non-commercial vehicle without having to haul extremely heavy loads, preventative maintenance should take place as advised by the manufacturer. You can also contact an expert in fleet truck maintenance in Ocala, FL, like J & M Trailer Repair, to get an estimate.

Reducing costs across the board

Yes, preventative commercial vehicle maintenance reduces your automotive costs year over year. However, these numbers also directly impact your operational costs. For instance, an engine that is not properly maintained consumes 50 percent more fuel. If your vehicles all need 50 percent more fuel to get around, that will cause your operational costs to skyrocket. Fleet maintenance seems like such a small thing that doesn’t matter much, but when you take a closer look, you realize how crucial it is to your overall business.

To ensure the highest quality fleet truck maintenance in Ocala, FL, work with a premier auto shop like J & M Trailer Repair. For nearly two decades, companies throughout Ocala have trusted us to maintain and service their commercial vehicles. You’re not just a client to us, you’re a business partner, and we work together to address any issue or challenge. Choose a shop you can trust with your company. Contact J & M Trailer Repair today to discuss your fleet of commercial vehicles.

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