How Often Does Your Big Rig Need Its Oil Changed?

Oil changes are a common maintenance item, but how often are they really necessary? With recent advancements in technology, big rigs are running more efficiently and reliably than in years past. Many new trucks require semi-truck oil changes in Ocala, FL less frequently than older models.

Use the following guide to determine how often your big rig needs its oil changed. You’ll also find a few tips for how to extend the life of your oil, so you can get more miles out of each oil change.

Signs your rig needs an oil change

As you’re driving your truck, here are some signs to watch for that indicate your vehicle is due for an oil change:

  • Alerts: Of course, an obvious sign that it’s time to get an oil change is the sensor alert. If your system is telling you that your oil needs to be changed, don’t ignore it. The sensors are designed to protect your truck from damage by alerting you when the oil is no longer acting effectively to lubricate your systems. Be sure to get the oil changed as soon as possible if you see this alert.
  • Degraded oil: For the best maintenance, you should check your oil before any long haul. If the dip stick reveals oil that is degraded, it’s time to get an oil change. Look for a sludgy appearance in the oil. This quick check of your oil is an easy way to monitor the quality of the oil and ensure you are not running your systems on degraded oil.
  • Schedule: The manufacturer of your particular vehicle offers specific suggestions for ongoing operational maintenance. Check the user’s manual and other guides to determine what these are, then follow them for the best results. Using these maintenance suggestions will help your vehicle deliver optimal performance.

Tips to improve oil life

To lengthen the lifespan of your oil, take the following steps:

  • Practice fuel efficiency: Fuel-efficient driving will help reduce the number of oil changes your rig needs. Take steps to improve your fuel efficiency, including driving at steady speeds and properly maintaining your tires.
  • Keep it smooth: If possible, avoid routes with rough terrain. Try to choose routes that offer smooth surfaces. This will keep your engine running smoother, too.
  • Keep it clean: Dirty environments are more likely to introduce contaminants to your systems. Try to park and drive in clean surroundings. Of course, some dirt is unavoidable, but washing your rig regularly can help keep it running more smoothly.
  • Partner with the pros: Don’t neglect routine maintenance. Regular semi-truck oil changes in Ocala, FL completed by professionals are an important aspect of ongoing truck maintenance. Trust your engine’s operation to experienced professionals who can help you enjoy smooth hauls and avoid the headaches of preventable repairs.

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